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Mind Article – Chasing Dreams

I heard as you get older (and bigger), your dreams get smaller. When we were younger (much), we had dreams of doing certain things with our lives, to travel the world in a hot air balloon, run a marathon, join a competition, do something big with our lives. But along the way as we go along life, we get less willing to dream, and many times, these dreams slowly get killed off by this thing called reality.

What then is reality, is it pragmatism ? It is being less able to dream ? Alot of people say, stop having your heads in the clouds be realistic and do what everyone does. But is the average man happy ? Divorce rates are at one of the highest now, prozac and other anti depressant pills as well as mental illness are increasing together with obesity and drug use. I guess the average man isnt happy and if we continue to think like the average man, then we would have an average life, which is quite bleak if you ask me.

Dream a little longer and stronger, and maybe live your life with less “what ifs” because you live only once, “what if you found that you are more capable of what you think you are able to achieve ? God forbid that we end up as all dreamers and chaser, but wouldn’t the world be slightly brighter if we chased our dreams or kept them in sight instead of locked up in our hearts somewhere and stowed away by tons of “being realistic”. I guess this video shows all, take a minute or two out of your busy schedule to at least see it, it was meaninful (at least to me).