Fitness is actually simple and basic, amidst all the pomp and grandeur of the fitness industry.

I have been training for about 15 years now and 5 years professionally as a personal trainer. Over the course of these years, I come to realise one thing regarding fitness, that its more about the looking good and feeling good . Fitness is actually a lifestyle of caring for yourself and making your body more capable than it can be, and its simple and translatable to many aspects of our lives.

This blog “Mind being fit” covers the aspects of the mental (Motivational) and physical (Fitness) aspects of being fit. Many times, i see people crash and burn in their fitness programs, and resign themselves to a sub optimal level of fitness and thinking. This blog is to revolutionise the way we think and the way we function. Lets get started !


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    Hey there! Thank you for following my blog men. I appreciate it. Btw, I found most of your blogs interesting. The one I was looking for. I enjoy reading it specially the article about “The Science and Art of Running”. Great post men, keep it up.

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