Mind Article : The Perfectly Imperfect You

We are constantly bombarded by perfection, we see bodies of models who had undergone serious diets or steroids paraded as though it is the norm. And told that a herculean or lean and toned body is the way to go, that the only place to get fit is an expensive gym and that the admiration and acceptance of others can be earned by a rock hard body, that being beautiful on the outside would make us beautiful on the inside as well.

Valeria Lukyanova, a real life person who painstakingly built herself to be a real life Barbie through plastic surgery, makeup and photoshop.

Well its a bitter pill to swallow but in this age of mass media creating a wave of aneroxia and self obsession creating a singular goal which is that of a beautiful body by the standards of the media. Not by our OWN standards but by other people’s standards. If there is a single muscle that we could train to make ourselves happier, its not the muscles on the outside that matter but the world on the inside.

Anthony Robbins once said : “The only true security in life comes from knowing that every single day you are improving yourself in some way, that you are increasing the calibre of who you are and that you are valuable to the people around you”. This is what I feel is the key to true happiness, by stilling the surface of a pond full of ripples can we than actually know and feel what we really want.

Ask any person who has undergone a serious makeover (with or without plastic surgery. And most of the deepest reason why the would do it is because they want to gain acceptance. Acceptance from themselves to some arbitrary idea of beauty of acceptance from friends or family or a potential spouse. The largest and most compelling reason why people would want to improve their bodies resorting even to go under the knife or drug use is to gain acceptance. But what use is acceptance of others when we don’t accept ourselves ? 

If there is one thing i would like you to remember if you forget anything else on this website or article is that we need to accept ourselves for who we are. If we don’t take that first step, then the best fitness plan or plastic surgeon could never make us happy. We have to accept the perfectly imperfect us first before we take steps to make changes. Once we achieve that any upside would be pleasure and joy and the journey would be an educating and fulfilling one. On the flipside, if we don’t accept ourselves and subject ourselves on some far flung and media portrayed standards on what is beautiful then every step is a downside, with each painful step leading you to realise how far you are from your goals, filling you with frustration and self denial.

Inspiring and motivating people, with a heart bigger than most

Nowhere is this more clear in the book by Nick Vujicic “Life Without Limits” when he illustrated his experiences in public speaking when he said these simple words to kids who listened to him speak in schools, who do not know him at all. Who like all of us have their little imperfections. He said a few simple words:

” I love you just as you are. You are beautiful to me”.

And the reaction he got was described as ” a muffled whimper or a smothered sniffle… Then the powerful emotions would sweep across like a contagion. Tears will flow down young cheeks. Shoulders will shake from stifled sobs. Girls will huddle together. Boys will leave the room to hide their faces”.
All this he got from a simple and honest and heartfelt word to them. God forbid that we be able to say this to ourselves, but what if we could. What if instead of having a stranger tell us that we are beautiful. We allowed ourselves to tell ourselves these few words:

” I love you just as you are. You are beautiful to me”.

How would our lives change. And how would we see ourselves ? You have to stand up for yourself love yourself for who you are and live the life that you feel is right for you. Beauty is blind, Vanity is Hilarious, but you are REAL. So take what’s real in yourself and make it better. WE are all perfectly imperfect human beings, with all our painful flaws and histories. But having a perfect face wont bring you happiness, being admired wont do that either. You already have what it takes to be loved and valued, and it just takes a bit of reaching deep inside into the wells of strength, to find that kindness, love and accepting ourselves for who we are and working our way up from there.




3 responses to “Mind Article : The Perfectly Imperfect You

  1. Actually, I can answer your question with utter certainty, how would our lives change and how would we see ourselves? Loving who we are works – the problem is that everyone else around us is so miserable that our joy is usually described as arrogant or conceited.

    Truth is, you can rarely win for loosing when worrying about someone else. I can tell you, there is no amount of humility that will even up your loving yourself with others who don’t love themselves.

    If I had a thousand dollars for every time I’ve heard “When I first met you I thought you were arroagant as all hell, but after I got to know you, you’re a really decent guy” – I’d be retired, sipping lemonade on the beach of some tropical island.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment. I guess its true what you said. But then sometimes, “I can only be me”, is a phrase i would like to use when the world is full of misery. I guess we can choose not to be part of the misery or find a way out. I am a proponent of self-determination, that we can never determine how fate would deal us a hand but the only thing we have control over is our response and how we take it.

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