Mind Article : Its OK to fail (But not OK to give up).

One Question if you are a parent or if you have been a kid before .

“How many times does a child need to fail at walking before you let him/her give up learning to walk ?”

How many times do your have to fail before you gave on learning to walk ?

Highly rhetorical. But ponder a while. When you were a child, at no point did your parents let you stop walking just because you failed once or a hundred times. They knew it was important that you learn to walk, and you knew it was important then. And back then, you never gave up, giving up was not an alternative.

So when it comes to something we know is innately important, we know never to give up. Because its ok if we fail, to fail is to be human, to fail is to learn to succeed. To fail is to plant seeds and stepping stones to success. Failure is feedback and learning to fail , learn and dust yourself off for a second round is being one step closer to succeeding, making success that bit sweeter.

Learning to walk is no different from learning to be fit. Its necessary in life if you want to lead a fulfilling one, and that it doesnt matter if you fail as long as you keep trying. We succeed because of the tremendous amount of satisfaction we get from sucking a little bit less each time and getting a little bit further in life.  It’s fun to fail in different ways, trying different paths and strategies until we finally discover the challenge and joy of having a fit body.

Getting in shape is no different from learning to walk – if you sucked at getting healthy last time, you dont give up on life and stop living and smoke a pack of cigarettes a day while snarfing down Big Macs. If you tried to count calories and starve yourself while running on a treadmill to get in shape and failed miserably, then try again and try something else.

The only true failure is not trying. And you would be ashamed that those who are born with lesser genetics or lesser privileges are succeeding not because they are better but because they are not afraid to fail . But like in learning how to walk, they never gave up because failure is not an alternative, and we have it in ourselves to do it.

We all have times we fail, but to truly fail is to give up. We can walk without legs but we cant walk without trying.


3 responses to “Mind Article : Its OK to fail (But not OK to give up).

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  2. Your mind articles always make me feel optimistic 🙂

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