Mind Article : Believe in Belief

Its a tongue twister of an title , but its something quite dear to us and something we hold on to very very tightly and sometimes are willing to give up our lives for, its called belief. Have the right belief and life wont be able to knock the wind out of you. But have the wrong belief and your next half of your life might be more unbearable than it can be.

Whether you can or cant depends on you.

Why is belief important in fitness. Can you just believe yourself to fitness ? Obviously there has to be action. But belief drives motivation and motivation drives action. Riddle me this

“Which person would lose 10 kg in a year and keep it off for the next 10 years ? A person who believes he is a currently fat person trying to lose weight. Or a person who believes that he is actually out of shape and that he is not actually a fat person but someone who has gained that amount of weight from neglect and wants to do something about it. “

There are important distinctions in this, and this is not mere wordplay, if you believe you are a fat person trying to lose weight, its very likely you would put it back on because you believed that you are fat to begin with.

And all the rattle in your brain would be resisting the fitness plans that you make – wanting you to remain true to your nature, which is that of a fat person, so you would most likely give up when a twinky or Snickers Bar appears at the end of your runs or walks.

If you believe you are a person who gained an enormous amount of weight by neglect, than you are admitting to yourself that you have let neglect get the better of you. So whatever you do when you plan would be further reinforced by yourself gaining back your original identity.

You are what you believe in, and when you start planting the seeds that you can do more and believe that things are possible, then its when fitness would do its magic. Adopt the right and healthy beliefs about fitness, and realise that you are a sum of your beliefs, and beliefs come from choice, and you have much greater power in deciding what you want to be and how you turn out than you think.

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  1. Great post!!

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