Mind Article : The Art and Deception of Excuses (Excuse Me for Not Being Fit)

No More Excuses

Excuses, we all have them. They are our own way of defending our actions or inaction, that usually we think we should do (And end up not doing). Nothing ever gets accomplished by excuses, and it’s a way of saying that “it’s ok” to not try. Excuses shield us from the consequences of our action and try to paint a false and perfect light of what happened so that we can come to terms with it. It is like covering up for the mess you made on the floor with a carpet, it looks better but its solves nothing and sooner or later you would have to face it one day.

An excuse is a way to give up the control you have on a situation, and give that power and blame someone else. Excuses mask the odor of our mistakes but doesn’t solve or try to address the mistakes. Excuses can sometimes be sinister, like the way people react to hideous crimes by saying that they had no choice but to do it, and that it was the “best” course of action at that time. “Collateral damage” was used as an euphemism and an excuse during wars to describe civilian causalities, or to put it in realistic terms, accidental slaughtering of the innocent.  Excuses can be used to mask great errors, but as long as we don’t come to terms with why we made the mistake we will continue making them and not learn from them.

As long as we don’t ask ourselves hard questions like “Why am I not getting fit, and making my life better ?” , “Is my job more important than my health ?”, we will never progress personally. What’s your excuse for not exercising, is it that it’s too tough (but looking back at life nothing that we achieved without trying hard for was meaningful), or that you don’t have time (Michelle Obama runs a tough fitness program while being a first lady and running many other humanitarian campaigns at the same time), or that you just don’t like it (the perfect excuse, for a life of mediocrity and unhealthiness).

We all know the importance of our own bodies and fitness, yet we do nothing about it because its seldom as urgent as the file of papers in our in try when we are at work, or that call you have to make or the email that you have to send. Maybe it’s time we examine our excuses using a microscope and see them for what they are, “comfort food” for us to wallow in our current situation because we don’t enjoy the pain of changing. Excuses are a comfortable way to self destruct, they are the voice in our head that wants us to keep where we are because we are afraid to take charge and make changes that will be beneficial to us. But take just one step and examine your excuses, find that they do not hold, take small steps towards fitness and you will find out that you could do more and expand yourself in many other ways and do more, be more.


4 responses to “Mind Article : The Art and Deception of Excuses (Excuse Me for Not Being Fit)

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  2. Great article! You’re right so many people are afraid ask themselves those tough questions.

  3. Great stuff: a quote I heard once was “what we fear most is probably something that we should most do.” – It’s so important to face up to our deepest fears. Keep it up

    • Thanks man, much appreciated. Keep up the great work with your site as well, its informative and cutting edge, debunking the popular and faddish with sensible and solid advice.

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