Body Article : Instant Abs

I saw an interesting video some time ago about this guy who was patenting instant abs. It was a novel idea, which entails selective tanning as well as a thin sheet of film to create your abs with and a tanning bed, and could probably last a week or more. Plus it looks pretty convincing to a point. I guess in this day and age, we are looking at fast ways to do things, fast ways to make money, fast ways to get fit and fast ways to “life hack” your way to happiness.

Well without further ado, this is the video and product.

Instant abs – Worth it ?

In this day and age, we live fast lives, and we usually want to attain things so fast, that we sometimes mistake the value of things as just the destination alone. Being fit is not about having a set of six packs, if it is, it would be easy and all about maintaining a reasonable amount of body fat and a ridiculous tan to get it.

But being fit is about how much we respect our body and health and how we build our discipline. The way we lead our lives are sometimes an extension of the way we treat our bodies. Whether we push it and build it with love and effort or milk it for what its worth using every device and shortcut so that we could make it look better.

Sometimes in our quest for outer beauty, we might neglect the foundation of beauty which lies only in the inside (as cliché as it may sound). We forget that the diligence, hard work and sweat and effort to nurture a strong body can build character and confidence spill over to alot of aspects of our lives as well – The same cant be said of a tan though. Instant results mean instant gratification which is holly and a pyrrhic victory. Aim for real victories in your life instead, YOU are worth it.


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