Fitness Article : The Abs-olute Truth Part III (Final) The Secret of ABS

So what’s the best exercise to bring those six packs out. Infomercials would like you to believe it’s their fantastic products, while some fitness guru swears by their fitness regime which entails hours of torturing workouts with countless crunches in varied forms. Other believe in certain programs that boast great rates of weight loss though you don’t even perspire, and other programs are so tough that even the staunchest and boldest believer end up getting injured before they can see their six packs.

Enter Mr A, who is definitely overweight, and highly motivated to try to lose weight, he has tried all the latest fad diets and fitness boot camps but find that at the end of the day he still can’t pull off his weight loss. That’s before he finds out the “SECRET” which actually made him lose inches from his waistline and keep it off permanently. This secret is widely used by the most successful weight losers, and they have been able to keep it off ever since they done this. It’s the fitness program to defeat all fitness programs, its fantastically simple (and common-sensical)  and it works for everyone.

So here is how it goes. There is a number of set principles about getting fitter and getting the body you desire, BUT there’s no set way to do it. In fact, there’s an unlimited way that we can burn fat and build muscle AND we don’t necessarily need a trainer and we don’t need to pay someone a lot of money to sell us something to do it. We just need a few things, and a deeper understanding of how the body works.

Get Realistic – Define your purpose and shape your motivation (and abs)

I have said this quite a number of times in my articles. And I wont mind repeating it again and again (and again). We need to define our purpose in getting washboard abs, because to be honest it takes alot of effort and at times when you feel like giving up, this purpose will come back and push you a step further each time. Unless the purpose is rock solid, the motivation wont hold. And if the motivation wont hold, you would fall back to square one minus a few steps because you would be back where you started plus some disillusionment and cynicism about fitness.

Are YOU worth the effort ?

Getting a set of washboard abs to impress girls (or guys) isnt going to last you a long time in terms of motivation. Sure, you would be all psyched up and pumped up to start and do a thousand crunches each day, but my bets are that you would give up when the going gets tough. Its like earning a million dollars just to impress someone, you wouldn’t be inclined to put in 18 hour work days and spend time building a business because you wanted to impress someone. Same reasoning for getting a six pack.

It has to be something strong and a reason you can play over and over in your head to get you pumped up every time you feel like giving up. I once heard of a story of a guy who weighed 150 kg and went down a water slide at an amusement park, he got stuck in one of the water tubes and had to undergo the humiliation of the people trying to get him out, resorting to using a crane and dismantling a part of the tube so they could get him out. He then swore to lose weight and never looked back, and is currently at 90kg, a far cry from his fat days. Use a strong motivation, if there’s only one thing in the world that you need to get a six pack or get fitter, a very strong motivation and purpose is you best bet.

Do something but make it consistent 

Many people get all hyped up that the only way they can lose any serious weight is  going to a gym. Well, if you are 120 kg and not too confident about how you look, and alien to exercise, that would be the last place you would like to go and the best place to get demotivated. Imagine yourself there at peak hour, lots of hustle and bustle and your first day at the gym, tons of fit people preening around and using machines, while you are clueless about what to do or what to make of it all. Chances are that you might just give up after this startlingly rude awakening that it isn’t going to be comfortable or easy and usually it would be way out of your comfort zone to be at a busy gym at peak hour.

So when you think of changes, think gradual changes, and not the i will blow my months pay and get a personal trainer (paid motivation wont last you very long, or until your cash runs out), or I will get every single fitness fad and read every fitness book there is. Chances are that if you are very overweight, all you need is even a regular 10 minute walk EVERYDAY, and I would guarantee you weight loss in a month (unless you overcompensate for the walking by eating much more). The formula is simple, your current weight is equilibrium (an unhealthy equilibrium) what you need is just a consistent effort where you can reap results to shift that equilibrium, and from there you get more motivation leading to more effort. And if you are on a sensible exercise plan. There is a very very high possibility that you would get closer to your six pack dreams and fitness.

Going back to Mr A (in case you forgot about him). What Mr A needed to do was just park his car ten minutes away from his work place, so he would have a twenty minute walk a day. And surprisingly Mr a lost 4 kgs that month, weight that he kept off, it also gave Mr A more confidence that he was getting results, which made him start walks of 20 min or more around his neighbourhood, and then finally to jogs and activities. And it just snowballs. The truth is that you don’t need a solid program, you do need consistent efforts which can get you results and small increments to challenge you. You would be surprised to find out that Mr A would be running his first marathon by the end of this year and has lost about 50kgs of weight and counting over a span of 3-4 years from consistent efforts and small increments in exercise.

Gain knowledge

Lets say you want to go to a destination, i just point you to that direction and say keep going, then somewhere you turn left. Then right and straight ahead, you cant miss it. What are your chances of reaching the place ? Very slim I suppose (unless you are a walking GPS). Same thing with fitness, we need an ARSENAL instead of a few tools to get us where we want to go.

So build up the basic knowledge needed to get you where you need to go. Theres a million ways to get to the destination but you need the tools to measure progress as well as help you get there. IF you cant answer all the questions below, then you probably need to do some reading up and gaining serious knowledge, and not expect people to spoon feed it to you, because knowledge is more valuable when you spend time and effort to get it. Instead of having a lecturer drone and tell you things. So here are the questions :

  • How much many calories are you over-consuming on an everyday basis ?
  • How much calories do you need to burn off 1kg of fat ?
  • What is the recommended weight loss per month ?
  • What are the symptoms of over training ?
  • Can you burn the same amount of calories if you walk 10 km versus when you run 10 km ?
  • How important is muscle mass in losing weight ?
  • What compound exercises are good and safe for building the legs, back and chest muscles ?
  • How do i do various stretches for specific parts of the body like the chest, glutes, lats ?
These are just a few, get the knowledge, cause knowledge with application is power. 


Get Friends

I cant stress this enough. What makes you want to go to the exercise more, I need to run 30 minutes and lift weight for 20 minutes then rush home. Or, I am going to meet my good friends and we are going to exercise together. Losing weight is a hard enough thing the do, the best thing we can do is make it simpler with a great support system and motivation that if you don’t turn up at the gym someone is going to egg you with “Why didn’t I see you at the gym yesterday? And by the way your dress looks tighter” kinds of “motivation”.

Friends and family to push, tug and cajole you into fitness. Its never been easier.

How you make sure you succeed is upping the stakes. By having friends who work out with you, you are not only risking disappointing yourself when you fail, you are risking disappointing your friends and you are going to lose credibility with people you respect as a result. That makes one of the strongest motivations for keeping fit and fabulous. And it would be great to really pair up with people who are at the same fitness level with you, or even help out those with lower fitness levels. We are social beings and our strength lies in numbers. Multiply you need to succeed by obtaining leverage on yourself, call a friend !

Commercialisation of fat loss 

Infomercials – Do you seriously believe in cheap short cuts

We have advertisers telling us everything. that spraying AXE deodorant would make droves of woman go after you, and drinking coke would make you cool. We commercialise everything, including weight loss, because we want instant results we easily get duped into believing that the once fat people who had that amazing six pack or great body used the product. But what the commercials are essentially not telling you is that they created a great motivation for the person to lose weight through endorsement dollars as well as strict diets and rigorous workouts that get the person in shape to begin with.

Its the Journey and not the six pack

So essentially the key ingredient is not the product but the motivation that creates the weight loss. So essentially when you buy the product hoping for a horse, what you get is the saddle itself. You have your own horse (or motivation) which drives you to do amazing things. Harness that and not the trash-talk the informational tell you. A healthy body is worth more than a set of six packs or that admiring gaze. A healthy body is a manifestation that you can motivate yourself to do things that matter (its not just the abs silly). And a healthy body matters a lot, let me end off with a quote I like a lot after hearing it for the first time:

” He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything”.


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