Body Article : An Equipment-less Gym Part I

When many people think of fitness, they think of shiny barbells, sweaty two hour runs and someone screaming in their face to pump out that extra repetition. But I guess this is a gross misconception, if you have not been diligent with your body and carry about over 10 pounds more than you should or have muscles that haven’t lifted anything heavier than the water-cooler canister, then you should probably stick with the basics.

If you have not been training, then I recommend bodyweight exercises. Not only that, I recommend that you continue bodyweight exercises until you get proficient enough to pump up reps easily before you consider heavy lifting, because as a famous bodybuilder like Arnold Schwarzenegger once said “if you can’t lift your own bodyweight, forget about bench pressing or lifting heavy weights, you own weight is plenty enough”.

Bodyweight exercises also include cardio, and brisk walking would be a great start to get into action and requires nothing less than comfortable clothes and shoes. In essence, you don’t need a fancy gym unless you master these bodyweight exercises, and you can save the money until you get strong and fit enough to do the things you want, as well as create a functional and desirable body.

Who says muscles are always ugly ?

Heres some exercises. I like to break down the exercises into major body parts, like chest, back and legs and full body. To burn the maximum amount of calories, you need the maximum amount of muscles involved. And comfortable enough so that you can progressively improve without being excessively sore the next day. Consistency is key here, so a 20 to 30 minute workout progressively reaching  40 minutes would do you wonders. Lets get started :

Squats – Various Forms

Squats are the bread and butter of body weight exercises. They work the legs which make up most of the muscles in your body. Squats don’t make your legs bigger, they make them stronger and leaner. Progress to weighted squats or increase the repetitions over time. As shown is a youtube video (it can be found in the website)of how it’s done, and the exact body that you can hope to achieve with balanced training and dieting.

Burpees – Various Forms

Burpees are killer exercises, used by the military as well as by the weekend fitness enthusiast, its hard and there are many way to make it harder. It involves almost all the muscles in the body, but does not specifically train the back muscles, but it does train the abs, legs, shoulders, triceps and buttocks quite well.

As shown below is an advanced form of burpees, which include a push up and a jump. A normal beginners burpee would not include the push up and jump (just going into a push up position and standing is tired enough).

Back workout and more on next post ….. Body Article : An Equipment-less Gym – Part II


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