Mind Being Fit – What Do You Want to Do with Your Life?

The sign says it all

There’s a start to every phase in life i guess. And like many things we do ask ourselves the question “What do we want to do with our lives ?” Mine initially was far from writing and setting up this website as a forefront to an exploration of an idea. But I guess over time this kind of changes like the way many things does.

Likewise I worked for a large corporation and still was a square peg which couldn’t quite fit in, and it intimidated me that I had to spend long hours crunching numbers and be satisfied with a “compensation” at the end of each month and graded for “performance” each year which is supposed to motivate us (Yipee). But then money could only make you that happy (Just that tiny bit), and if you could survive normally with your pay and have a bit left, you would then start to wonder about what else to do with your life, instead of pledging it to MS Office and huge corporations in which no matter which level your were at your always seemed like a cog, maybe a bigger or smaller one variably.

I went on to become a personal trainer, which for two years was really satisfying and never looked back. I liked training people, I liked seeing them make that change in their life, being fitter better and greater than before, usually the people I see are motivated enough to spend quite a fair bit on their body and on personal trainers so they could achieve their goals, but they usually crash and burn and drop out after some time, it wasn’t that they can’t do it, it’s that they somehow lost the motivation to. I have seen a 150kg guy who was advised by his doctor to exercise or die before he could reach 40, drop out of a training program, and his trainer had to call , reschedule and basically chase him like a brat just to get him in the gym so that he could save his own life (how ironic is that), the last I checked he began training more sporadically and stopped for a long period of time.

Yes, the belt buckles and buttons are suffering
(Though they wont tell you so)

We all have very strong reasons to exercise and get fit, and everyone knows it’s a good thing and it increases the quality of your life and it makes you mentally stronger, more alert and basically a better person. But a lot of people cant do it, the gym I worked at which is one of the largest gyms globally tabulated and found that on average about 60% of members would stop coming after six to nine months, even though they signed up to train for a year and continued paying fees / suffer early termination costs. Alot of people dont finish their fitness programs and alot of people dont set out to achieve that most common goal that at the end of every News Years Eve, of being fitter and looking better.

There had to be something wrong. There were people with alot of reasons to get fitter and better at what they do but they are not doing it. And I realize that even though these people had great motivation. And this would be the main reason I am writing this to explore and give techniques and reasons to best achieve the body that we always wanted.

Basically the idea is this. To achieve something the body that you want – you need two things ,

  1. The right mindset  – Albert Einsteinonce said “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” The thoughts that you created to get you into that level of unfitness requires a certain mindset. And its this mindset that has to change, we all have a reason to get fit and the motivation to start a program, but how many can finish and sustain a program through life ? Fitness it not just going to the gym , its a lifestyle. To create a lifestyle we need a mindset. What would you expect from a person who tries to workout because he thinks it will make him look better and less guilty from the last buffet versus someone who sees his temple as a body and exercise as a source of energy and achievement.  We all know intellectually that we need to be fit, but its only when we own the idea emotionally that we begin to really suceed in doing it.
  1. The right program – There is no magic program like the makers of equipment fads, and owners of gyms would like you to believe. There’s tons of fitness equipment out there promising you a fantastic body if you get the ab roller, or that fad diet that will make you a slim Jim, or that fantastic diet pill or that great muscle powder. But a good fitness program is one that you can stick with and one which you like – you dont need a fancy machine and the top of the line trainer if you are unfit, you just need someone to stand behind you and shout “ONE MORE”  and make sure you turn up for the program while not getting injured. Also, there is no ONE routine that we can use, rather a variety of exercise mixed and matched in such a way that we never do the same thing over and over again. If you ask me whats the best program – There is none, its anything you enjoy and benefits you without injuring you and gets you to your goal.

I would like to write about two main things, the right mindset and the right program. Ie , Blueprint and Procedure, the Blueprint would be articles that would condition your mind to enable yourself to make fitness a lifestyle and not just a goal. And the procedure, which would look at ways to best achieve that goal, by understanding the exercises and alternatives that we all have. The gym is not the only place to go to get fit, there a million and one alternatives , but the ones that are important are ones we can enjoy and are beneficial to us, which i would also describe in future articles.

Finally, life is not a tour and it’s the journey rather than destination that  matters I guess. And being fit is just one part of the journey faceted by many aspects of life though its one part which will help other aspects of your life by providing that confidence and energy boost as well as determination to pull through tougher times. And let the journey begin …..

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